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Facing source or app issues? Here's how to troubleshoot.

Be sure to check the Frequently Asked Questions for how to address common issues too.


Clearing cookies and WebView data

This resets your WebView to a clean state, including any login states.

  1. Navigate to dots-verticalThree dots arrow-right-thin Settings arrow-right-thin Data and privacy.
  2. Tap Clear network cache.
  3. Tap Clear cookies.

WebView update

To update WebView, you need to find what WebView implementation is used on your device.

Typical default implementation depends on the Android version as follows:

Android 7 and above

Newer Android users can check/change WebView in Developer Options.

Caution with Non-Standard WebView

Using non-standard WebView (like Firefox) might cause Kotatsu to malfunction or crash.

It's best to use the standard Android System WebView or Google Chrome.


Obtaining crash/error logs

For crash investigations, navigate to dots-verticalThree dots arrow-right-thin Settings arrow-right-thin information-outlineAbout and tap Share logs.

Obtaining more logs

To diagnose abnormal app behavior, record device logs using a Logcat Reader.