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Frequently Asked Questions about Sources.

Kotatsu does not endorse or recommend any source, and there is no best source.

Instead, we encourage users to spend some time trying out a few sources themselves and discover what sources work best for them. What works well for somebody else might not work well for you.


Kotatsu isn't responsible for slow, down, missing chapters, or subpar image quality of sources as it doesn't host content.

What is a scanlator source?

Non-officially licensed series are translated by scanlators, often found on their websites or MangaDex. Learn more in this Wikipedia article.

How do I request new sources?

Open an issue on GitHub if not already there. Check the removed parsers list first.

Why was a source removed?

Sources can be removed due to several reasons:

  • Frequent website changes.
  • Image scrambling.
  • Scanlator removal request.
  • Paywall implementation.
  • Reverse engineering needs.
  • Site shutdown.

Find the list of removed sources here, excluding offline sites.