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Tracking helps you automatically send read chapters to supported trackers, so you can keep track of what and when you read it online.


Kotatsu (version v7.2) supports the following services: MyAnimeList, AniList, and Shikimori.

  • Tracking is manual for each entry.
  • Reading the last page of a chapter marks it as read.
  • Offline progress syncs when online.
  • Completion status auto-updates.
  • Tracking is one-way: Kotatsu -> Tracker.

General questions

How do I log in to trackers?

  1. Go to dots-verticalThree dots arrow-right-thin Settings arrow-right-thin Services.
  2. Tap the desired tracker to begin login.

How do I set up tracking for each series?

  1. Open the series.
  2. Tap dots-verticalThree dots arrow-right-thin Tracking.
  3. Find a series and click Done.


You can also change the search query if there is no match.